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Planning a Guest Bedroom?

Are you one of those families who have frequent guests coming in for a visit or a stay? Well if you are, consider yourself lucky, as in India, guests are considered as gods. Let's admit, we all have a pressure stuck in our brains which would make you do anything & everything to make them feel comfortable in your house. When perhaps, it is not that difficult. When it comes to keeping your guests happy, comfort is the key. All you actually need to do is, create a welcoming space for them in their bedroom such that they get almost all the amenities they could have got in a hotel, & a charm of a home. When it comes to designing your Guest room, think like a traveller, who would need a cozy bed to take some rest, a chair where they could sit & read & those toiletries or phone chargers that are usually forgotten while travelling. You could use the below listed tips to plan your guest bedroom such that the guests, while leaving, leave with a smile & tons of beautiful memories:

Cozy Environment- During makeover of a guest bedroom, one must necessarily make sure to have a cozy environment so that the guests feel like they’re at their own home. Use the fluffy mattress, your favourite pillow, scented candles and maybe those decor fancies that will surely make them feel home. Create their room such that they have an amazing stay & make plans of visiting you again.

Attached Washroom- As mentioned earlier, while designing a guest bedroom, imagine yourself in a traveller’s shoes & you’re halfway there. The main purpose of a guest bedroom makeover itself is their comfort. One of the most essential factors to be kept in mind while designing a guest bedroom is to have an attached washroom. This is because some may or may not be comfortable crossing the busiest part of the house for using a washroom. 

Use Light Colors- Painting the room light automatically leads to a bright mood & a fresh start of the day for anyone staying in there. Use bright colors to paint the bedroom. This will keep your guest’s mood bright & will kick start a fresh day for them.

Privacy- While designing a space for your guest bedroom, make sure to maintain a good amount of distance from the master bedroom. Your guests have come in for a stay, neither them nor you would want to invade each other’s privacy. Maintain the room’s privacy & authenticity by planning this required distance.

Avoid clutter- The room aesthetics of the guest bedroom should be equally well maintained as that of the other rooms. Avoid cluttering a whole lot of furniture items, unnecessary decor & other stuff which would not be of any use in the bedroom. Try to declutter the room as much as possible. This gives the room a huge amount of space & avoids negative vibes. 

It is a moral responsibility to take care of each guest coming in the house. Why not make it a memorable one by considering the above tips? Afterall, how you treat your guests presents your individuality. We hope these tips help you create a pleasing guest bedroom & your guests feel invited whole heartedly. Do share your stunning Guest Bedroom pictures with us.


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