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Refund Policy


The professional will be entitled to a refund-

If the bid submitted by the professional is disqualified due to the low bid value or any other reason.

If the Project Coordinator is unable to fix the appointment between the customer and the professional within a stipulated turnaround time.

The customer cancelled or delayed the project before meeting with the Professional.

The customer finalises the project with someone else before meeting with the professional.

The refund will be issued to the source account within 48 working hours after the final confirmation of the further Appointment cancellation from the customer's end.

Note- No refund will be issued after the successful meeting or appointment either offline or online with the professional.






We acknowledge that we follow a standard norm of validation process. We verify the data or information provided in the lead, with the customer over the phone line.


It should be noted that we are responsible ONLY for the quality of the Lead (Information given in the lead) and WOULD NOT be responsible for the closure of the deal as it would be the sole discretion of the customer.


We would also not be responsible for any kind of service and payment terms made between the customer and the Professional. The customer may close the deal with any other service provider even before and after purchasing the lead at The purchaser of the Lead or Service Request would be eligible for a refund or replacement of the lead according to our Buyer Protection Policy



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If you have any questions about our Policy, please contact us @ +91 986-0399-569 or drop us an email at

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