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The fact is, most people are likely to visit a restaurant on the basis of the taste reviews and the ambience. It is surely a critical task when implementing the right design elements and yet is overwhelming as the results will always surprise you. However, fascinating the customers to your restaurant is the first step. The crowd gets easily attracted to a restaurant that is eye catching even when looked at from outside. Hence, deciding on new trends & giving your restaurant that luxurious look always helps. 

To help you filter your options, we’ve gathered a list of the latest ideas for restaurants along with which below are some tips to help you decide on the right type of design scheme for your space, location, and target customers:

Working on exteriors- The first & foremost step of attracting your customers towards your restaurant is to have a beautiful exterior design. This also includes building a lavish door opening. Once you’ve got your exterior designed in the most appropriate manner, keeping in mind the type of crowd you wish to attract, you’re halfway there.

Greenery- No matter how huge or compact the space is, remember, greenery is the key. Plants are beautiful, relaxing & help you purify the air. They add freshness to the environment. The best part about using plants in your space is that you can keep updating them as per the trend. One can use different plants every week if the budget allows. 

Seating- Think of the most creative yet comfortable seating arrangement for your customers. For example seating arranged inside a boat, in a hut or maybe a dome shaped hut. These are arranged to allow families to enjoy their privacy. Remember, a good restaurant with absolutely amazing food plus comfortable seating always keeps you in the customer’s top list.

Lightings- A beautiful lighting always creates a good ambience.Depending on the theme that you have decided for the restaurant, use lightings that could match in the best way. Use dim lighting for trendy cafe/ black colored walls. Use stunning chandeliers for a lavish space and so on. Think about what type of environment you want to create and how you want your guests to feel in your restaurant. You could also set up your own lighting fixtures to set up the right type of mood.

Open spaced Kitchen- If you’ve got lucky enough to have a huge space where you can utilise one side of it for your kitchen, do it! It is always the best idea to use an open kitchen as a part of your decor. It keeps transparency between you and your customers so that they know how fresh your ingredients are. Using a wood burning oven for pizza or an exposed wine “cellar” works out the best.

Typography- While making use of the latest trends for your restaurant interior, typography always works the best. Make use of at least one highlighted wall for bold graphics, marquee letters, diagrams, and charts. It speaks a lot about your space.

From a small cafe to a very huge restaurant, these were some tips that will always be a hit. Using the right kind of textures, lightings, seating & moreover making it a lively & cozy place for your customers is always the right thing to do. Let us know & we will hire the best interior designers to make this task easy for you!

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After spending years in your old home, don't you feel it's time to finally update the home with new trends & designs? Interior Design trends have been changing forever. Update your home with your favorite kitchen ideas, or simply add a new piece of art to your gallery wall. Adding latest trends to a house exemplifies in a way that tells a story. From navy paint, geometric patterns and floral wallpaper to canopy beds and free-standing tubs, these are the 2020 home decor trends that experts can't wait to see. Here are some latest trends on our list that you'll adore & might even adore till the next decade-

Floral Wallpaper- Like most of us, if you are a nature lover too, then this might just be the year you change your tune. The unique combination of different flowers will grab your visitor’s attention and make a lasting impression. As per the research, flowers leave a calming effect on a person’s mental health and can improve productivity whether at home or at the workplace. Continuing the trend of retro times, floral themes have been ever lasting & will yet continue to be appealing to the eyes for decades. 

Color Cabinets-Back then, kitchen was a place hidden at the back of the house, whereas, nowadays, kitchen plays the role of a focal point of the house that gathers everyone in the family for breakfast or other meals. If you’ve been looking forward to giving your home that trendy look, the best beginning is the kitchen. Give your kitchen that modern look. Leaving behind the white kitchen trend, use pop colors which have been trending recently. These pops-of-colors will be most popular in shades of blue and green. Dark colored cabinets give more space to the kitchen giving it a luxurious feel. Update the kitchen elements like chimney, those old cabinets & island platforms. The kitchen island is meant to create an impact, and its design must make a statement.

Vintage Accents- No matter how many trends come & go, vintage accents will always be in trend. Even in the times of fancy dresses, you will still see people wearing oversized denim jackets which were popular in the 80’s. Similarly, consult any interior designer & they will tell you that old is the new again. Vintage accents give your space a rustic, stylish and ornamental look. What are you waiting for? Give your space that vintage look--add antique accessories or do your thing to get vintage themes into existence.

Canopy Beds-Your bedroom is the only tranquil place where you can relax & recharge yourself. Why not make it a cozier space? A canopy bed can make time spent in your bedroom more dreamy & beautiful. Nowadays, canopy beds need not be made with chunky headboards, modern canopy beds are made out of acrylic, metal, and sleek upholstered frames. The sheer curtains to these canopy beds make the room look even more welcoming.

Don't be afraid to switch to the latest trends for your house. Take those little steps & you will see how the house starts giving you those calming vibes. Want to give your home that trendy look? Let us know & we will hire the best Interior Designers for you!

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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Are you one of those whose heart remains astounded by nature? Do rains, flowers, trees, mountains & birds give you peace? Perhaps, it happens to most of us. Sometimes we wish to have some such kind of peaceful environment at home too.

This is because floral pattern interiors make a room more fresh, romantic and welcoming. Not all rooms can have the same kind of arrangement. Either the Living room or a bedroom would be the best choice for a floral decor. Ever thought--Why not bring nature at home?

Not only furniture, you can also add a floral theme to your decor nowadays. The most misunderstood fact remains that floral decor needs to be shades of pink or red in color. The fact is, floral decor could be of any color, it could be a beautiful tinge of blues, yellows & greens. 

Scale of floral design affects the mood. Sure, a huge wall of floral texture would look modern but one miniature in the entire plain room would look even more classic.

Floral Designs are meant to enlighten the mood. Looking at such designs automatically leads to a fresh beginning of the day, creates playfulness & leaves a person optimistic. It helps reduce fatigue & pain. Along with mental health, nature also does wonders to physical health. It helps create a welcoming, cozy & comfortable space.

Flowers are a centre of attraction to almost any room. Place a floral centre table in a room full of solid colors or use floral pillows to any bright upholstered sofa, the results will amaze you. It becomes a centre of attraction of the room & looks beautiful to the eyes. 

Don't label floral prints as feminine. This is the first way to welcome florals to the space. Bold florals, large patterns & vivid primary colors are meant to be male friendly.

There are endless ways of decorating your home with a floral theme. From using floral cutlery in the kitchen to using floral dim hanging lights in the bedroom, & floral paintings in the bathroom you can do so much! 

Floral designs are eye catching & amazing. They compliment the room & remain stylish for years. The best part is, they work well with modern geometric decoration patterns & many other patterns depending on the style of the floral.

These were some stunning ideas that will surely allow you to create floral designs at home. Play with bold colors, patterns & decor and you’re almost there. Do let us know if these inspired you.

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