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Celebrity Designer- You Can Be The Next One!

Updated: Apr 25

We connect you directly with the customers at NO cost

It's time to reduce your marketing expenses to ‘ZERO’

Join the community of designers to expand your business by connecting with the right clients.

Don't pay for leads or appointments; Pay for completed deals only

We are here to make sure the deals are completed for the professionals in addition to creating and approving service requests for residential or commercial interiors.

We take care of the customers' appointments and do follow-ups regularly

Every designer or architect associated with us is assigned a Relationship Manager who is responsible for setting up meetings between clients and professionals and completing the deal in their favour.

Grow your portfolio and keep your identity intact

We want every designer or architect to collaborate directly with the clients under their brand name, upholding their individuality in the process.

Work with full liberty and make deals on your terms

To maintain transparent interaction with the clients, we want all designers and architects to collaborate directly with them on their terms.

Receive payment directly from the customers.

Continuous flow of work orders without any marketing expenses

The biggest obstacle facing all architects and designers is the ongoing flow of business. 

Our platform ensures work orders directly from the clients at a regular interval without any marketing expenses.

Design Ramp (How It Works for Designers)
Download PDF • 316KB


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