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Give Your House that Retro Look

Ever moved into a new house & felt the urge to give it a vintage look? Or maybe walked into an old fashioned retro style house & felt like transforming your house to a similar style?

It is undeniable, a touch of vintage look in the house makes each one of us feel more inviting, warm and comfortable. The best part about giving your house this look is that just by adding a few inexpensive materials and a lot of creativity, you can add a retro character to every room without having to spend a stack of cash. Here are some easy ways to add some vintage charm to any and every room in your house:

Distressed Paint- To give your wooden furniture a nice rustic look, all you need to do is, simply add and then subtract color. Begin with painting the furniture pieces with an authentic color. Once this process is completed, let the paint dry completely. Once dried, use sandpaper to rub some of the paint away or  use a putty knife to scrape the finish in a random pattern. This simple process of adding & eliminating colors from your furniture gives it a nice vintage look & you’re good to go.

Textures- Ever walked into a retro themed house & checked out the checkerboard floorings? They’ve always been so noticeable to the eyes! Adding a checked pattern flooring, bulky couches or natural materials like wool & cotton automatically leaves a vintage mark to the eyes. 

Decor- Placing antique glass & bronze colored doorknobs is the best way to add a vintage look to your home. It reminds each one of us of the antique homes we’ve almost always explored in the movies. One could also paint their lantern to a black or charcoal finish to get an antique result out of it. Changing your cutlery to antique dishes & hanging them on the wall will also add a charm to your new vintage home.

Bathroom Accents- Choosing vintage bathroom accessories turns it into a soothing and relaxing space with stylish appeal. Rustic look sinks that have no storage underneath are definitely the best choice. 

While giving your house this new look, keep in mind to not add a lot of shapes & colors as it will end up looking messy & will not give you the desired result. You might also want to change the sofa upholstery to give it a patterned look so as to give you a cozier look & comfort. Give your House that Retro Look & Do let us know if these ideas inspired you to do so!


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