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Bar Ideas for Your Home

After a long tiring day at work, each one of us deserves a cozy place where we can enjoy a drink with our closed ones. Ever thought of creating a small yet functional home bar inside your house? Not necessarily a huge one but a cozy corner that could inspire you to invite your friends, family & other acquaintances for a party! All you’ve got to do is choose a corner within your house & take a look at these beautiful ideas to transform the corner into a bar-

Pick your corner- As mentioned earlier, the first step to create your mini bar is to pick the perfect corner where you can place your bar furniture or create a bar heighted platform to place your drinks. One of the most preferred options is creating a 45 degree angle at two corners which can be well utilised for seating as well as standing purpose depending upon the space.

Furniture- Most of the homes use wooden bar cabinets to create an elegant bar space & to store bottles in. One could also create a marble platform at a bar height & use wall shelves to stack your bottles. The typical bar top stands 41 to 43 inches from the floor. Accordingly, choose the right bar stools which are 29 to 32 inches from floor to seat. Be careful while picking a bar stool as the ones with no back support are usually not quite comfortable & are meant for commercial bars where people do not spend a lot of time. Pick bar stools that are comfortable to the back. In case you’re falling short of space to place bar stools, make sure that the bar top is easy to lean against. Choose the furniture that suits your comfort the most & you’re almost there.

Hanging Lights- An ideal home bar needs to have at least 3 hanging lights from the ceiling. They should be placed high enough that no one gets their head hit onto it. The wattage of the bulb needs to be soft enough for everyone to have a soothing effect while they have their drinks.

Utilise the walls- As much as people like bar cabinets or bar tops to lean on, utilizing the walls such that they have an attractive design, color or shelves to stack drinks, is appealing to the eyes for sure. You can also create a niche in the wall so as to create a space to stack bottles & utilize it like a display for your collection.

Decor- No matter how big or small the bar space is, make sure to give it a trendy look. Install a chalkboard where guests can leave their mark, use photo frames or wall pieces to display your creativity. Use various quotes about your favourite drinks. Make it an appealing corner.

The best part about making a bar at home is that you can experiment your own creativity.  It can be full of bright lights, colorful décor, dark furniture and a lot of zing appeal. A bar at home is not just a hangout place for you to chill with your friends but even the most important business dealings with clients can be dealt with over a glass of wine. Create your home bar today & let us know in the comments if the ideas were helpful.


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