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Property Type- Commercial

Property Category- Farm House

Service Type- Interior Design

Project Overview- Customer is having a Farm House including 9 cottages. There are two types of cottages one with 450 sq. feet of area and the other one is 500 sq. feet. at Tata Road, Vaijanath, Karjat. Requires interior work as per below-


False Ceiling using PVC, Painting, Wallpaper may be used, Double Bed, Side Table, Chair, Sofa, Wall mounted TV Unit with Dressing Table (as in Hotel Rooms), Wardrobe, Window work required for all cottages (3 Windows per Cottage). Swings required for outside space.

Landscaping required for Garden Area.


Service Required- After 15 Days

Remarks- Shades for cottages work in progress which will be finished in next 15 days.


Budget- Looking for the quotation from the service providers

Best time to call- Not Known

Possession Details- In Possession 

Note- Lead available for 3 (Three) Professionals only.

Tata Road, Vaijanath, Karjat Area

SKU: 22C110719001
₹900.00 Regular Price
₹450.00Sale Price
  • Thu 11th July 2019 at 13:41 hrs

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