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Online Bidding

-Design Ramp-

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How does the bidding work for the Professionals?

The bidding process works as a pay-per-deal model, where professionals pay for successful deals with clients.


Below are the steps-


Step 1-

We post verified projects on our marketplace and send notifications to the professionals through email and WhatsApp.


Step 2-

The professionals go through the client's requirements and download the bid.


Step 3-

The professionals submit their bids as per their calculations. 

What is the Bid Percentage and how it is calculated?

Bid Percentage is the margin that a Professional shares with the Design Ramp on every successful deal and it is calculated on the total price before GST.


The bid percentage can vary and also depends upon the client's requirements whether they would like to go with the turnkey projects or want professional service only. 

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How many professionals can participate in a bid?

It depends upon the customer. Generally, we call 2 to 3 professionals to participate in the bidding process.

How does the Appointment process work?

The top bidders will get the chance to meet the customers. The appointment process is absolutely FREE.


The Property coordinator of Design Ramp will fix the meetings with the customers depending on the bid value and the timing of the bid submission. The highest and quickest bidder will get the priority in the appointment process.

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How does the Pay Per Deal process work?

The professionals discuss the requirements with the customer during their appointment in detail and submit the quotation to Design Ramp through an official email or web link.


The Design Ramp team will evaluate the quotations at their end and forward the same to the customers for their final approval.


Once it's done from the customer end, the Project Coordinator will get back to the winner of the deal.


The said project winner pays the final bid amount to Design Ramp within 48 hours after receiving the advance payment from the customer.

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