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Replacement Policy


Lead Replacement Eligibility Details-


1. In case of No-contact till seven working or business days from the Lead Purchase Date-


We replace the lead with an equal amount of coupon for future purchases in the below-mentioned steps-


Step 1- First, the professional will try to make contact with the Homeowner at the given Contact Number, Alternate Contact Number, WhatsApp Number, Email etc. within 7 (Seven) days from the lead purchase date.


Step 2- The professional would be required to submit the “Client Follow-Up Report” to Design Ramp via Email within 15 (Fifteen) days from the lead purchase date if the professional is unable to establish contact with the customer within the first 7 (Seven) days as mentioned in step 1.


Step 3- In next 7 days from the “Client Follow Up Report” submission date, the Lead Verification Team of Design Ramp will attempt to establish contact between the Homeowner and the Professional.


The case will be eligible for the replacement of the lead with the same amount of coupon, if the contact between the customer and the Professional is not been established even once in any of the above mentioned steps. 


2. If deal closed before buying the lead


3. If customer changes the scope of the work drastically


4. If customer drops the requirement permanently


5. Incase of Repeat Purchase


6. Incorrect contact name and number of the customer (Typo error excluded)






Refund Policy


Refund Eligibility Details-


We issue refund only to the registered buyers on the issue related to the quality of the data or information provided in the lead.


To be eligible for a refund-


1. Negative response by the customer who denied that they never placed any service request related to the home, shop and office interior.


Scenario 1:- Refund- If the Professional wants to permanently discontinue the service from Design Ramp


Scenario 2:- Replacement (As per the below mentioned Replacement Policy)- If the Professional wants to pursue the service from Design Ramp                                                      


2. Buyer should have the receipt or proof of purchase as well.


3. Claim should be made within 15 days from the date of purchase of the lead.


We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues related to the service provided



Refund Process


Once we receive the claim, we will immediately notify you on the status of your refund after checking the response provided.

If your refund is approved, we will initiate a refund to your credit/debit card (or original method of payment).

You will receive the credit within 5-7 business/working days, depending on your card issuer's policies.

Note- The Refund and Replacement Policy is not applicable with the FREE lead.


Design Ramp will have the sole discretion to change or update the above mentioned Policies any time.






We acknowledge that we follow a standard norm of validation process. We verify the data or information provided in the lead, with the customer over the recorded phone line for the quality purpose.


It should be noted that we are responsible ONLY for the quality of the Lead (Information given in the lead) and WOULD NOT be responsible for the closure of the deal as it would be the sole discretion of the customer.


We would also not be responsible for any kind of service and payment terms made between the customer and the Professional. The customer may close the deal with any other service provider even before and after purchasing the lead at The purchaser of the Lead or Service Request would be eligible for a refund or replacement of the lead according to our Buyer Protection Policy



Contact Us


If you have any questions about our Policy, please contact us @ +91 986-0399-569 or drop us an email at

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